This is the revised, re-upload with all new music and stuff. I wish I knew the late, great Andy Warhol had beaten me to this type of performance art…sorta like an Andy Kaufman kind of thing. Notice they’re both named Andy. Actually, every Andy I know has something mentally off in the up stars areas, iffin ya knows what I mean!

The sad thing is we cut out a lot of footage. No, there won’t be outtakes in this, but I eat take-out!

WARNING: If you have been diagnosed with ADD you will not be able to sit through this tiring drivel. Seriously, a pointless, uppity, snarky, avant-garde, experimental art-house, cinema short that almost makes Mitt Romney seem interesting. See how little Kev accomplishes within the standard running-time of a Spongebob episode.

Kevin Piastra’s debut internet one-man show is really a satirical parody on the bullshitting and pretentiousness rampant in avant-garde performance art and French New Wave and experimental filmmaking.
Kevin illustrates his point through the use of humorous Dadaism. By simply sitting in front of a webcam for 12 minutes, eating his lunch, this unstoppable auteur comedically reveals the common narcissism and context-less self-importance that modern technology and pop culture has infused and instilled into America’s youth.

Simultaneously Piastra mimics forms of so called “high-art” with irony, thus becoming his own concrete example of a genre he does not understand at all. He expresses his confusion and frustration at the fact that motion pictures often give their audiences no clue about the use of metaphors, symbols, themes and motifs in modern movie-making, just as in classic and contemporary literature. By frustrating and boring the viewers of this very video, Piastra is an intentional depiction. He is demonstrating the thesis, specifically feeling slighted and ignorant. Suspecting that there is not more in a lot of art than meets the eye, rather it is a scam put on by artists of all mediums in order to appear more sophisticated and intelligent. That would certainly make it easier to apply for grants and have access to all the best money, drugs and pussy!

As if a white canvas with off-white paint splashed on it is supposed to speak volumes in the eye of the beholder. Well, so too is the very one-man show you are reading about.

Is Piastra REALLY making these points or is he just some young guy with a webcam and a sandwich who thinks he’s clever? if you aren’t reading this, you are getting nothing out of the short. That’s the problem, artists are lazy. They never make up meaning the way Piastra is for this video. It’s usually up to the audience to see what they want to in each piece, thus inserting their own deeper meaning into a work.

Shot on a simple, native Dell laptop webcam, this was done in 2013.

This strikes Kevin as lazy on the artists part and stupid on the part of the masses who are doing all the work of enriching the oeuvre of someone who doesn’t wish to directly and clearly communicate their ideas and emotions, probably because there aren’t any!

Just as with the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”, all the deep meaning and analysis was added years later. Harper Lee herself only claimed, “I wanted to write a simple love story”

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