Gem Class Ep.58: Get Ya Troll On

Gem Class Ep.58: Get Ya Troll On

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Gem Class Ep.58 : The Hoe Troll

– [x] Power review
– [x] Offset Superman punches a nigga in the strip club for spraying Cardi with Champagne
– [x] Trump Super Bowl commercial
– [x] KC wins superbowl
– [x] Vernon Davis announces his retirement in a skit with Gronk
– [x] Hunter on Amazon epd by Jordan Peele
– [x] The Beyoncé vs JLo debate
– [x] Megan and the Hoe Troll (
– [x] 50 cent allegedly punches French Montana in the face
– [x] Mase going after diddy, want his money
– [x] Jay z and bey sit for the anthem
– [x] Ab is on the redemption tour, publicly apologizes to police and baby mama. Seen out with BM Super Bowl weekend
– [x] Joaquin Phenoix calls out Hollywood for systemic racism
– [x] Roddy Rich got the longest running #1 debut Rap Album (beat our get Rich or die trying
– [x] XFL kicks off this week
– [x] Peter Gunz the new host of cheaters
– [x] Stripper Bowl 2020
– [x] Strippers only left with 750 after tip out
– [x] Regular girls/niggas stealing money
– [x] Hoes stuck in Miami
– [x] Future son facing up to 20 years in jail for gang activity charge
– [x] Dolph mad girls think he cute with a beard ���
– [x] Discovery zone making a comeback in February
– [x] Meek vs Nicki spices up: Meek claims nicki knew her brother was raping the lil girl and he had to get away
– [x] That new weed (30x stronger)
– [x] Gayle catching hell from Lisa Leslie interview
– [x] Erykah Badu releasing a fragrance line called badus pussy based on her vagina
– [x] Jay electronica says album is done and will be release in 40 days
– [x] Hennessy is the new official liquor Of the NBA/WNBA & USA basketball

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