New Bounce Jumping Shoes – Kangaroo Jumping Shoes for Kids – Exercise Moon Shoes – Bouncy Shoes for Ages 8-12 – Size 1-6 (32-38 EU)

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The shoes offer many great exercise and fitness opportunities.
Jumping on the kangoo shoes, will increases your agility and it provides an aerobic effect for your heart.
It will rejuvenate your body when it’s tired and puts your mind in a state of health, fitness and well being.

The kangoo shoes are slip in style so that you can leave your shoes on while you jump.
Fasten your kangoo shoes to be comfortable and safe.
Make sure to wear safety gear and a helmet for safety,
and your ready to jump!

Whether your jumping, running, walking, or dancing, this will keep you busy for hours!

Safety protections are needed in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant, or inconvenient from happening.
To prevent Head Injuries, we recommend that you always use a Helmet when using the Wheelies.
Children must be supervised / guided by their parents at all times while using.

Durable Design – The kangaroo shoes feature rugged rubber grips on the sole for better traction. It also features a heavy duty frame and secure adjustable fastening straps.
Great for Children – The Jumping Shoes fits shoe sizes 1-6 (32-38 EU) making it great for children and teens. Optimal weight use for the jumping shoes is 70-100 Lbs with a max weight limit of 110 Lbs.
Staying Fit – The jumping shoes is a fun way to keep in shape. These shoes will help you burn calories, reduce body fat and strengthen your legs and thighs muscles.
Safety – To prevent injuries, we recommend that you always use a Helmet and children must be supervised at all times while jumping.
Great Party Idea – Invite some friends and jump together, or buy multiple pairs and use it for a party activity. Suggested age: 5 and up.

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